From what I conceived of the reading, Freud describes a ‘trace’ as some way one remembers an event in the past. This understanding of a past event, however, is not nearly as strong as the understanding one had as the event was happening or right after it happened. One example of a trace comes from my first project, which was focused on artifacts from the Certificate of Merit, a program designed for the progression of pianists. One of my artifacts was my performance evaluation, which is basically an evaluation of the four piano pieces I played that year by the judge I played them for. Another one of my artifacts was my music theory test from the same year. 

I think that these two artifacts connect to form a prime example of Freud’s ‘trace.’ That year, I performed my four pieces on Saturday morning of evaluation weekend and took the music theory test on Sunday afternoon. During the theory test, I couldn’t quite remember how a chord progression went. I was close to knowing, and I knew I was close, but I just couldn’t remember. After thinking for a bit, my mind traveled to the previous morning, when I had performed my four pieces. All of a sudden, I knew the chord progression. And I also knew that thinking about one of the pieces had allowed me to remember the chord progression. When I thought about the piece, my mind didn’t automatically realize that I had played that chord progression in the piece. However, thinking about the piece, combined with how close I was to already remembering, allowed me to remember the progression. I think that this exemplifies the ‘trace’, but I am not 100% sure, so I guess my question is whether or not this works?