1. What do you think Mike Rose says that schooling should attend to?

Mike Rose writes that schooling should provide people of all backgrounds with opportunities to advance themselves, to gain knowledge, to find hope, and to ultimately find success. Rose understands that the opportunity he references means something different for every person. People go to school for a whole host of reasons, and Rose believes that the education system should be molded in such a way that all people have the chance to get closer to their goals through their schooling.

2. How does he think it should it attend to those things, and why should it attend to those things? 

Rose is a great scholar, but he knows that education alone is not enough for many people, particularly disadvantaged groups. He writes that not only must we provide the poor with educational opportunities and assistance, but that we must “also be mindful that for some, educational programs must be part of a broader network of assistance.” Rose believes that our education system should not stand alone. Rather, it should be worked on alongside health care programs, crime reduction programs, and housing programs, among others. The education system as it is right now does not do enough to ensure that every person has a shot at succeeding in school. Obviously, we cannot account for every individual’s unique concerns, but through extensive thought and coordination, we can reform our education program to account for many more things that come up for students. And, Rose believes that this reform must take place because of the greatness that can come out of schooling. Rose knows first-hand that getting an education can give someone a sense of hope, a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of self, all of which are extremely important to be able to succeed.

3. What does he say schooling does attend to? How does he see it attending to those things?

Rose writes that over the course of many years now, schooling has taken on the purposes of ensuring high test scores and providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to make money at a good rate as adults. The education system generally does a good job of achieving these two goals, but our education system should have a more wholesome set of goals. Rose knows that in many places across the country, teachers do a marvelous job of this. He references a few places he has seen teachers at their best, including Stephanie Terry’s lesson to her first-grade classroom on hermit crabs that greatly energizes and engages each student. Rose knows that schooling can be an amazing thing, and he believes that every teacher in the country needs to commit themselves to really teaching their students rather than ensuring that their students receive high test scores.

4. How are Rose’s ideas connected or not connected to those in the (brief!) Vilson blog post?

Rose and Vilson both believe that in the last several decades, our education system has become content with not really adapting or changing. They both also believe that this is greatly negative for everyone, but especially students. Rose and Vilson both think that for our schooling system to work, everyone involved has to be excited about their role and inspired to learn how they can be better in their role. This includes students, teachers, parents, administrators, principals, and more.