This survey was probably the most fulfilling personal survey I have filled out. It is specific, yet the questions it asks are about specifics that are extremely critical to one’s life. From the beginning, the survey forced me to think thoroughly about my “worlds” in ways I have never before. In high school, I had a few distinct worlds that were very important to me. These were the house I grew up in, my grandparents’ house, my high school, my high school basketball gym, and my friend Apolo’s house. In college, the worlds that are important to me are categorized a little differently because everything I do is inside of UCSB. UCSB is my world, but I have several subworlds, as well. These are my dorm room, my friend Nick’s dorm room, my friend Sierra’s room, the lounge near my dorm, the piano practice rooms, and the basketball gym on campus. 

It was also very insightful to be asked several questions about each world. A few questions were especially helpful to me. One of these questions is: “What do people expect of you in your main worlds?” In high school, all of my worlds kind of expected the same things from me, up to and including my friend Apolo’s house because his family is like my second family. I was expected to work hard in all aspects of life and to be respectful, honest, responsible, loyal, and trustworthy. In college, my world (UCSB) expects these same qualities, but each subworld expects me to show these qualities in very different ways. Also, in college, I am completely responsible for everything I do while in high school, my family, my teachers, and my coaches were also partly responsible. I made several differentiations like this one and also came to many small but important realizations about my life because I had to do this survey.