I was very intrigued by the movie clip about a white voice from “Sorry to Bother You.” I feel like a lot of what we learned in lecture this week can be applied to analyze this clip. On Monday, we learned about “thick events.” This is the idea that there are histories and dynamics that can be brought in when analyzing an event that will explain the event and provide cultural context for it. In this clip, an older African American man tells a younger African American man to use his “white voice.” This is such a preposterous request to make of a person and the moment is made even more complex by the fact that the man making the request is African American himself. There are many facets to this “event” and it contains the meaning that it does because of histories over the last several centuries. This is crazy to think about — that daily events often have roots in the very deep past. The history of relationships between African Americans and whites plays a big role in the effect of this event, as does the history of relationships between African Americans themselves. This movie clip really showed me the meaning of a “thick event” and how critical this characterization of every-day interactions is.