What challenges did I experience in these initial phases of collaborative work? What advantages or gains can I identify from working out this project with another individual(s)?

When my partner and I first met, we realized that there was not a single time we were both free to meet to go to an event. This was because of our busy schedules and because both of us went home last weekend for the long weekend. This was initially stressful, but we talked with our teacher and devised a plan to move forward. We both attended events at cafes in our hometowns over the long weekend and then discussed our observations and analyses. I was a little skeptical of this process at first, but I can honestly say that I learned more about voice doing it this way. As I observed in my Assignment 2, being able to compare my experience with Joo’s experience allowed me to think about what I observed at my cafe from a broader scope and this added a new dimension to this exercise that I thoroughly enjoyed.